Padala2017- ERK, PI3K/Akt and Wnt signalling network (PI3K mutated)

Number of species: 54

Number of parameters: 118

Number of irreversible reactions: 0

Number of reversible reactions: 63

Deficiency: 25

Rational: No

Polynomial: No

Mass-action: No

Species name mapping: [Text]

Parameter name mapping: [Text]

Reaction network: [Text]

Number of reactions: 63

Stoichiometric matrix: [LaTeX] [Maple] [Reduce] [SageMath]      Rank: 35

Reconfigured reaction network: [Text]

Number of reactions (reconfigured): 126

Reconfigured stoichiometric matrix: [LaTeX] [Maple] [Reduce] [SageMath]      Rank: 35

Kinetic matrix: [LaTeX] [Maple] [Reduce] [SageMath]

ODEs: [LaTeX] [Maple] [Reduce] [SageMath]

Constraints: [LaTeX] [Maple] [Reduce] [SageMath]

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